Got so busy yesterday I missed out on the opportunity to talk about Slayer’s 25 year anniversary of their epic album, Reign In Blood. This is the album that turned heads, that earned respect and that influenced every single death metal band since 1986. Slayer’s Reign In Blood is an intense journey through darkness, torture and evil. Great from beginning to end, Reign In Blood delivers some of the best songs in the entire Slayer catalog. Songs like Angel of Death, Piece by Piece and of course Raining Blood still pierce peoples ears to this day. There are plenty of metal heads who will say that this album is one of the best metal album ever released and especially one of Slayer’s best.

Beginning with a fast riff and the best scream in Tom Araya’s career and ending one of the most influential songs in metal history and insane guitar solo squeals, this album never gets old and I have had this album on loop time and time again. The album forcefully pushes and beats your skull in for 30 minutes straight. With lyrical content of Nazi torture chambers and extreme gore and death, the music that reaches the impossibility of beats per minute and a furiousness that would make most of today’s modern metal look like little sissy bitches: Reign In Blood still impresses 25 years later.

25 years later this album is still relevant and still winning over fans. Reign In Blood will still punish those who listen to it and still make the masses of fans scream “SLAYER!!!!”

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