It seems most of the good shows are out of the United States anymore…

Let’s be honest, the US of A still gets some good tours. I am not bitching about that. However, it seems Australia and especially Europe gets the solid tours. Europe takes the cake for festivals though…with Mayhem and Ozzfest being complete bullshit anymore…shows like Download and Wacken create a small temporary country of metalheads and moshpits. It’s an amazing site to be seen in photos, I cannot imagine being there in person. It must be the most powerful feeling for a band to perform in front of a sea of people. Banners and tits everywhere, it’s to die for.

I see flyers for tours in Europe and I get jealous. The entire line up, or atleast more than 75% of the bands, are solid. Each match up in terms of genre of music and how epic the bands are. Take this for example, I really want to see this show!

I know it says 40 more acts to be announced but…c’mon….CANNIBAL CORPSE AND BEHEMOTH HEADLINING?!?!?! That’s some of the heaviest music in the world…sharing the stage. I really hope those two…and Suffocation, Napalm Death and let me throw in a personal fav…NILE tour the US. That would make for a happy Mergel.

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