Wednesday Wreck-ommendations! (Music to kill your ears to) Last Chance To Reason and Behemoth!

Today I want to wreck-ommend 2 albums. The first is from a band I’ve enjoyed a lot this year and they released a new album this year as well! It’s a unique album, progressive death metal-ish electronic awesomeness. Last Chance To Reason’s Level 2 is awesome to sing along to as well. If you like clean vox, it’s here for you. If you enjoy growling your ass off, it’s also present on Level 2. If you’re unfamiliar with this band I highly suggest listening to them and keep an open mind about the style and progression of the album. It embraces my inner nerd for great music and video game influence.

The other band I want to suggest has been playing through my speakers and motivating me to continue work when I clearly have no motivative drive on my own. This pushes me, gets my blood pumped and helps me drone on about my business.  Behemoth’s…anything really…every album fucking rules. It doesn’t matter if it’s Thelema 6.66 or Evangelion, each album has nothing but kick ass riffs, demonic vocals and drumming that’ll make anyone feel like a powerful god. Sing (Scream) along to the lyrics and kick the fucking walls down. Get pumped, get psyched, get brutal! Behemoth destroys everything and conquers all! Nergal even bitch slapped leukemia and it back to touring as of this upcoming weekend. How fucking phenomenal is that?!?! Anyways, kick some ass and listen to BEHEMOTH!!!

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