Qreview! Rose Funeral – Gates of Punishment

I was unfamiliar with Rose Funeral until recently, I listened to one of their tracks and liked what I heard. They make some heavy music, that is for sure. It’s more death metal than deathcore to me. While Gates of Punishment does feature some core riffs and breakdowns, it’s minimal compared to other albums. This album is nothing but pure metal: The riffs are fast and the breakdowns are great. Drumming is superb and vocals are fucking savage. Brutality is what Rose Funeral is bringing to the table, I’m truly satisfied with how the songs sound on the album. It was a bit of relief to hear actual riffs instead of just chugging palm muted rhythm core breakdown bullshit over and over again. Yes, this album does have some of that in it however it’s used here and there. The riffs are heavy and headbanging does happen.

Each track is truly brilliant in how it presents itself. Meaning they are all consistently keeping you interested. Each track has something memorable. Whether it is a vocal pattern, a drum beat, a guitar riff or a breakdown…each song has something going for it. I really didn’t find any flaws in the album at all whilst listening to it. Guest vocals are done well too. While they don’t add anything TOO amazing they keep the flow of the album going, they don’t bring it to a screeching halt either. Gates of Punishment is very well done and Rose Funeral should be proud they out out an album that doesn’t blend in with the rest of the deathcore crap out there today.

Pros: Actual well done guitar riffs on a deathcore album! Holy fuck those drums are insane!

Cons: If you do not like breakdowns then they may ruin the rest of the album for you. However, the breakdowns are done really well.

4.5 out of 5

I truly like every track on the album but if I had to some favorites I would have to say…Beyond the Entombed, Malignant Amour, A Recreant Canticle and Entercism are really good. From beginning to end I was fully digging this album.

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