Qreview! Brutal Truth – End Time

Whiskey fueled riffs and vocals that sound angrier than your dad after a night at the bar, Brutal Truth come at you with a wonderful blend of Sludge and Grind. If there was a band I could compare Brutal Truth to it would have to be Superjoint Ritual. Both have the same rage, same dizzy slow riffs, intense mosh inducing speeds…it’s like chugging a bottle of whiskey then slamming some xanax. I love the presence of the bass guitar. Guitar riffs are good and drumming is intense. Vocals are fucking brutal. The mix of slower sludgy songs with fast as fuck songs make this album fun to listen to. The shortest track is 5 seconds, longest track is 15 minutes of feedback, noise and other shit you probably do not want to sit through. I did. Nothing special on that track at all.

While End Time is furious and heavy, there is nothing truly groundbreaking or mind blowing about album. Not saying it’s a bad thing however I’ve heard this album before it feels like. Nothing really catchy, a few songs (out of the 23) did catch my attention though. I bet Brutal Truth would fucking rape live after a couple of tall cans of PBR. That pit would be awesome. Atleast people headbanging everywhere.

Pros: Fun to listen to. Fast songs, slow songs. Vocals are great. Drumming is fast and constantly pounding your ears.

Cons: Nothing grabs me and makes me want to listen to the album over and over again. I’ve heard this album before.

3.5 out of 5

Fav Tracks: End Time, Warm Embrace of Poverty, Drink Up

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