10 years ago today. Chimaira’s “Pass Out of Existence” Came Into Existence.

Chimaira’s Pass Out of Existence marked the true debut of the band breaking out into the metal scene. Displaying true emotion and raw energy into a form of music that the world was not ready for. While The Impossibility of Reason was the bands true break through album…Pass Out of Existence marked the era of the bands appearance into the public eye. Appearing on the TV show Farmclub.com on USA, they performed “Dead Inside” and the crowd there, and the world, was truly not ready for it.

Pass Out of Existence offered some good tunes. While not many people are fond of these tracks: I remember listening to them years and years ago. Drinking heavily and headbanging to tracks like “Painting the White to Gray” and “Severed”. This album was heavy as fuck. I mean Severed is so good that Chimaira still to this day plays the track live!

Enjoy the album again if you have it. Dust it off, slam it into your cd player and press play. Feel the nostalgia and remember this is the album that kick started their career. This lead into Impossiblity and Infection…they grew from here and became one of metal’s most important bands today. If you’ve never heard of Pass Out of Existence, I highly suggest doing so. Get a feel for how Chimaira began and understand that this lead on to bigger and better things for the band.







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