Wednesday Wreck-ommendations! (Music to destroy your ears to)

Today I pass the torch to another metal enthusiast, Ross Gnarly of American AftermathHe knows his shit people so listen to what he has to say.

Hello there, friends and fellow extreme music advocates. My name is Ross Gnarly and I run the American Aftermath blog. After seeing Merg’s previous post, Wednesday Wreck-Ommendations, I asked him if I could possibly do one myself for Headbang or GTFO. Well, he told me to go for it, so here it is. The following are a few bands that you might not have heard of and some of you might hate. Like them or hate them, doesn’t matter to me either way. Check ‘em out and enjoy. ~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.

Old Wounds are a mind-blowing hardcore band from New Jersey. I’ve been supporting the fuck out of ‘em for a while now and I will continue to do so because their crushing brand of hardcore is fantastic. Every track I have heard by the band has been nothing but absolutely stellar. They are ever-expanding and ever-evolving. Keep your eyes on these dudes because they’re gonna blow the fuck up. Check out their tunes here:

Next up is the chaotic, metalcore band Did You Just Hex Me?. These guys recorded their last (I mean this literally) album with Fuck The Facts guitarist Topon Das before calling it a day. Their music has elements of mathcore and death metal all thrown into the belly of a metalcore carcass. Short, fast bursts of energy spew forth from this humorous band. I mean, how can you not want to listen to a band who wrote a song about Carmen Sandiego? Download their 2011 record for free:

The Drip. What can I say about The Drip? I mean, I have followed these guys for a long time, much like Old Wounds. I was introduced to The Drip by Wormrot vocalist Arif Rot. Astonishing, crushing wall of sound. That’s the best way I know how to describe these Washingtonian grinders. They keep the shit real. You can check ‘em out here:

Last but definitely not least is Orwell. Orwell are very hard to describe as a band so I think I’ll just stick with what they describe themselves as: a continuously-progressing metal band. They draw in inspiration from every direction that you could think of and they pull off some of the most intricate, impressive and beautiful metal possible. These dudes are an absolutely killer band and awesome dudes as well. You can download their latest EP, AVOHFASIH here:

That is all for now. Hope you liked some of these bands. Or even if you didn’t, I don’t care. I know they rule and that’s all that matters. Now, headbang or get the fuck out, son. Peace.

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