Qreview! Origin – Entity

Origin released a furious album earlier this year entitled Entity…it’s probably the most intense release this year. Incredibly fast technical guitar playing and non-stop double bass/blast beats make for one wild ride. Head phones will explode and speakers will melt, Entity is merciless and fast. The musicianship is so tight and well done that it’s almost not human. Origin know how to impress. The intensity of the vocals and music is a rush of fire within the bloodstream.  Most of the songs are shorter with only 3 of them being of some decent length. Which is good because it keeps things interesting and to the point song after song.

While the music is brilliant and talented, some of the songs seem soulless. There is no emotion behind it besides seeing how fast the fingers on the fret board can move. Which is fine for some but it leaves me wanting something more than just fast metal. Very little on this album is catchy and the only real thing making me headbang is the intense drumming. Impressive musicianship from these talented artists, I just think their “constantly go go go as fast as fucking possible” mentality goes against them a little bit.

Pros: Fast, brutal, technical, furious….

Cons: the song “Committed” is pure garbage…vocals and guitar are incredibly annoying, nothing super catchy that caught my interest

3 out of 5

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