Kansas City, Missouri. Ready for Freakers Ball? Well don’t be, it sucks again.

“This Halloween season, 98.9 The Rock is bringing on the metal with Freakers Ball! 

See Five Finger Death Punch, the reunited Anthrax, Hatebreed, Rev Theory, and the Club Wars winner!” 

Hold the fuck up KQRC (98.9 The Rock), you’re throwing the annual Halloween concert and having FFDP headlining? Not only that…but over Anthrax!? I’m not a fan of either honestly but give Anthrax the headlining spot. They just opened for Megadeth, Slayer and Metallica for fuck sake at 4PM to an empty stadium (It barely had anybody in it). Anthrax have paid their dues and they should be headlining over Five Finger Death Punch, no questions asked. Ugh, I feel sorry for Anthrax…having direct support to these fuck wads who will probably have to perform in front of a bunch of faux hawked, Affliction t-shirt clad douchebag bro-hards.

Will Kansas City stop pretending that FFDP is good music? Also, choose a different band than Hatebreed to be “the heaviest band on stage”, I’m rather sick of seeing the same line up festival after festival around here. Do I need to bring up past Rock Fest line ups and Freakers Ball lineups? They are all the same rotating crap, year after year.

Fuck you KQRC.

9 thoughts on “Kansas City, Missouri. Ready for Freakers Ball? Well don’t be, it sucks again.

  1. Hmm it’s funny your complaining about this but if Anthrax was that upset I doubt they would do the show! And if your sick of the tours around here don’t go to them! I happen to like FFDP and also can’t wait for Hatebreed! Just use your fucking head before you go bitching about stupid shit!!!

  2. It’s a very simple choice for you and that would be don’t go to the concert, and further more if you don’t like there music don’t listen to it. I for one am a fan of Five Finger Death Punch because they fully support our soldiers and they played a kick ass show in Baghdad which i’m sure you also don’t know what it means to serve your country. and if you don’t like it, get the hell out of the country, we have no need for you

  3. amen, that band is fucking terrible, every fucking show that shitty ass douche bag station has is the shittiest fucking thing ever. FUCK Johnny Dare!

  4. 5FDP sucked so much, I left 2 minutes into their first song. Anthrax ruled and Hatebreed brought it like always. I would of liked to see more out of a Freakers Ball, but I was beyond stoked for Anthrax. IEC was a great venue. I look forward to more shows there in the future.

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