Wednesday Wreck-ommendations (Music to kill your ears and speakers to)

I know it’s Thursday morning but I was too busy to post this yesterday.

My WRECK-ommendation for this week is Beyond Creation’s The Aura. The album is crushing and fans of technical death metal will fully appreciate this album. I love the presence of the bass guitar on the album as well. Beyond Creation is like Necrophagist after a bowl of Wheaties. Yup. Just listen to it…

Next up is Mike O’Hara from the band Splattered Entrails bringing you his wreck-ommendation for today.

I’ll recommend The Red Shore’s“Unconsecrated”. It’s a real brutal album, simply. Most death metal fans might be quick to judge, but give it a listen. It’s actually really fucking good.

Next up is my wonderful fiance, mother of my child and soul-mate, Jennifer Porter, whom has a wreck-ommedation as well.

Nine Inch Nails Pretty Hate Machine is and forever will remain a classic. Every song has it’s own special meaning to me. I can relate to every song in at least one point or another in my life, I think we all can. There is a power to the music of Nine Inch Nails, which soothes the soul. Whenever I’m going through some shit, NIN has an album for it. This one would be my “depression/heartbroken/rejection” album.

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