Qreview! Staind – Staind

Staind has released an album this week and to be honest, I was interested in it but afraid what was going to be inside. I haven’t given a shit about Staind since 2004 when I heard 13 Shades of Grey…what a bullshit album that was. Right from the get go though, it’s typical yet classic Staind. The music and vocals are actually really good. Riffs on this album are done well and they are catchy. The Staind formula is still there and nothing has really evolved with the band, however this album is more of a “back to their roots” effort. Aaron Lewis definitely has that angst and harse vocals present on this album, it’s just weird that he is trying to do this again after all of these years. Sometimes it works, however sometimes it sounds like his voice is going out. He is either out of practice or his “harse” vocals are going out.

I did headbang during this album. The guitar work is done well, nothing too technical or innovative but it gets the job done. You’ll understand this when you listen to songs like Eyes Wide Open and Not Again, good songs and you move your head. Some tracks sound like Lewis is trying to channel his inner Alice In Chains…close but no cigar. The lighter songs are good too, They are definitely a step up from Outside or Home. All in all this album is surprisingly good and it was totally unexpected. If you’re looking for a Staind that has soul and pain like Break the Cycle but some angst in it like Dysfunction, then this is the album for you.

The only truly negative thing I have to say about the album is the garbage as fuck track Wannabe with Snoop Dogg on it. Did Fred Durst write this track? This song ruined the ending of the album for me and all in all it reminded me of how a good band can write awful bullshit like they are stuck in 1999. This song is juvenile and adding Snoopy Snoop Poop Dog on it made it worse.

Staind released a good album, it’s nothing entirely new or outside of the box for them but they know what their fan base wants. As always, most of the album is average with a few gems that will get rotated more than a couple of times. (Something to Remind You is fucking great)

3 out of 5

Pros: decent music, vocals are sung well

Cons: Same shit, different album – angry vocals are rookie

Best Tracks: Eyes Wide Open, Not Again, Something to Remind You, Throw It All Away

If you REALLY want to know what happened during the recording of this album, Staind has released a documentary.

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