Qreview! TRIFECTA: Born of Osiris, Chthonic and Septicflesh

This is a triple decker review with cheese. True Qreview….to the fucking point. Whether you like it or not.

Born of Osiris unleashed The Discovery earlier this year and I’m just now catching up to it. The Discovery is furious with the guitar chug to drum double bass aspect, just like Fear Factory in that sense. Over that chug-tastic riffing is some great lead noodling and vocals. the riffs and breakdowns are done well on the album. The keyboard is hit and miss on the album. Sometimes it adds a nice ambient/organic feel to the track. Other times it just feels like a Britney Spears dance off…which ruins it for me.

Pros: Great guitar playing, love the guitar riff/drum synchronized brutality, keyboard adds a cool element to the songs

Cons: That same keyboard is unnecessary at times

4 out of 5

Chthonic’s Takasago Army is a great album. It’s heavy, it has that Taiwanese touch to it with the instruments and it’s powerful as fuck. The vocals are a mix of Nergal, Max Cavalera and Dani Filth….all while making it his own; it’s monstrous! The music is good and songs like Takao and Southern Cross had me headbanging like crazy. The drumming is intense and I love the chorus that sings along on the songs.

Pros: great music! Powerful vocals

Cons: May remind you of a Mortal Kombat soundtrack at times, which took the seriousness away a little bit.

4.5 out of 5

Septicflesh was an album that had my interest for awhile now but it fell behind due to all of the epic releases. However, one morning Nergal recommended it on his Facebook. So if Nergal likes it, I should like it. The Great Mass is a heavy album, full of orchestral tracking and other vocalists. However, at times I did not like that vocals….sometimes hating them. Wanting to turn to the next track. Honestly, listening to this after Fleshgod Apocalypse is a bad idea….because while this is good. FA just know how to do it better. It’s still a good listen through.

Pros: quality musicianship, something a little different than the usually balls out furious brutality

Cons: a little boring at times, vocals here and there annoyed me

3 out of 5

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